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24/7 Access to Energy 

EnergyWell integrates seamlessly with standard solar panels, allowing you to power your home – even if you live off the grid. Mountable, stackable, and compact, EnergyWell also comes with unique safety features to protect against mechanical failures and fire. 

Optimized Sunshine  

Avoid peak utility prices by using

your stored solar power during

the most expensive times of the day.  

EnergyWell is a revolutionary energy storage technology that delivers uninterrupted backup power for nights, grid failures, and natural disasters.

Harnessing the Sun

Around the Clock

Be Your Own Power Plant

Reduce reliance on the utility grid

by powering your home with

clean sunshine – even at night.

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Simple. Powerful. Compact.

Thanks to EnergyWells’ innovative technology, each unit is twice as powerful as competing batteries while being 80% lighter, so its easily and safely installed on walls. And because this energy storage system is fully automated, there is zero maintenance required.


EnergyWell is manufactured in America, making ours the only solar battery solution that can truly claim to be “Made in USA.”

Kid-Friendly & Pet-Safe

 Indoors & Outdoors

Mountable & Stackable



The Technology Behind EnergyWell

Each EnergyWell battery is produced using a patent
pending lithium-ion technology. Because of the unique design, EnergyWell is twice as powerful, while being 80% lighter than competing solar storage solutions. And thanks to its cool-running lithium-ion cells, EnergyWell removes any fire and safety risks – even if the external casing is compromised.

EnergyWell Tech Specs

8 Hours of Continuous Power

EnergyWell’s 48-volt, 8.5kWh DC battery is capable of delivering up to 8 hours (104 amps) of continuous power on a single charge. This is in sharp contrast to the 3 to 4 hours offered by most leading AC storage solutions.





2.0 KW

4.0 KW

EnergyWell never heats up during charging, making it safe to touch – even for children and pets. 

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EnergyWell is impervious to rain and dust, making it ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

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EnergyWell installs securely on any wall surface. However, it’s also stackable for floor installations.

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Most batteries are inherently unsafe – especially if the casing is compromised. But EnergyWell’s patented lithium-ion cells eliminate any fire safety risks stemming from mechanical failure.

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No matter where you go, our proprietary smartphone app allows you to monitor and manage your solar panels, EnergyWell, and power usage.


Wake up to your home being powered by drawing stored solar energy from EnergyWell. If you need additional electricity, the system automatically engages with the grid to provide uninterrupted access to utility power.

6:45 AM

Good morning, EnergyWell.

Living with EnergyWell

See how EnergyWell supports your home energy needs throughout your day.