Solar Panel Integration

Can I Combine EnergyWell with My Current Solar PV System?

Yes. In fact, this is precisely what our battery storage solution was designed to do. Out-of-the-box, EnergyWell already works seamlessly with leading solar inverters. And we’re continuing to expand this interoperability to ensure EnergyWell integrates with other types of PV components.

Is EnergyWell Powerful Enough to Charge My Electric Vehicle?

Absolutely. If you currently charge your electric vehicle (EV) through a standard wall outlet, EnergyWell can provide the electricity you require. However, there is no way to connect your EV to the EnergyWell directly.

In the Event of a Blackout, How Quickly Can EnergyWell Restore Power?

During grid failures and power outages, EnergyWell takes over immediately. In fact, the changeover is so fast that you probably won’t realize the grid has gone down. This is in sharp contrast to traditional backup generators that typically require anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

During Blackouts, Can I Recharge EnergyWell with My Solar Panels?

Yes. EnergyWell works seamlessly with your solar panels to provide continuous, uninterrupted power – even during blackouts and grid outages. If your panels generate more electricity than EnergyWell can store, the battery unit automatically turns off your PV system until your solar panels are needed once again.

How Long Does EnergyWell Provide Backup Power during Blackouts?

A well-installed, fully-optimized EnergyWell unit can provide up to 8 hours of continuous power without needing to be recharged. You can also use EnergyWell’s dedicated mobile app to manage electricity consumption and extend this access to backup power. If the battery is also paired with an on-site solar PV system, it’s possible to receive uninterrupted power indefinitely.

How Many Appliances Can EnergyWell Power?

Once installed, EnergyWell can provide up to 8 hours of continuous electricity. You can use this stored energy to power all of your appliances – provided that their combined energy requirements do not exceed this 8-hour threshold. During your free initial consultation, your Certified Installer can assess your power needs to determine if additional EnergyWell units are necessary.

During Blackouts, How Do I Extend EnergyWell’s Charging Capabilities?

EnergyWell provides up to 8 hours of continuous power. However, it’s possible to extend this limit by turning off non-essential appliances within your home or business. We recommend powering down energy-hungry resources like hairdryers, AC units, and plasma TVs. For a more comprehensive list of household appliances and their corresponding energy requirements, check out this free resource.

Does EnergyWell Work for Off-Grid Power?

Yes. If you live or work in a region without reliable access to grid electricity, you can combine EnergyWell with a solar installation to provide continuous power. EnergyWell also works “off-grid” during power outages and blackouts.

Get answers to common questions

What is EnergyWell?

EnergyWell is a revolutionary battery system that stores electricity – either from the grid or from on-site renewable power sources like solar and wind. Designed for both commercial and residential use, this rechargeable storage solution provides continuous, uninterrupted power to protect against outages and emergency disasters. Compact, lightweight, powerful and easy-to-install, this solar battery solution can also power your home or business once the sun goes down.

What Can I Use EnergyWell for?

EnergyWell is ideal for a broad range of applications, projects, and industries, including for :

  • Residential Backup Power

If you currently have solar panels installed on your home, EnergyWell allows you to harness and use more of the energy created. Instead of buying the electricity you need from the grid at night, you can simply tap into the stored solar power that EnergyWell has already collected throughout the day.

Equally important, EnergyWell comes with real-time monitoring through its dedicated smartphone app. This allows you to manage your home’s electricity consumption and storage – even when you’re away.

  • Emergency Backup Power

During power outages, all grid-connected customers temporarily lose access to electricity. But with an on-site EnergyWell installation, you benefit from uninterrupted power. If you also have solar panels installed, your EnergyWell provides access to electricity indefinitely since the battery system is able to recharge with each new sunrise.

  • Time-of-Use Energy Management

Most utilities use time-of-use (ToU) pricing to calculate electricity rates. When demand is high, customers pay more for their power. And when demand dips back down, customers pay less. To avoid peak demand rates, use EnergyWell to charge up during the least expensive portions of the day. And then tap into your stored energy once utility prices go back up.

What Does the EnergyWell System Include?

Each system consists of a single EnergyWell battery unit and casing – together with whatever complementary components that your Certified Installer recommends (e.g. controllers, chargers, and inverters).

How Do I Manage and Control EnergyWell?

EnergyWell comes with a standalone smartphone app that allows you to manage your solar panels and on-site battery remotely.

Does EnergyWell Work without Internet Access?

Most of EnergyWell’s core features work without an Internet or cellular connection. Each unit is self-contained, capable of automatically storing or releasing electricity as needed. But for remote access through the smartphone app, a connection is required. The same goes for all software updates. If you’re willing to forgo these additional features, you don’t need to connect EnergyWell to Wi-Fi.

Does EnergyWell Require Maintenance?

No. Once installed, EnergyWell can continue for years – with zero maintenance or upkeep. Even the software updates happen automatically, without your having to do anything.

Does EnergyWell Come with Warranty Protection?

Yes. EnergyWell is backed by 10 years of unlimited warranty protection when you use this storage solution according to our specifications.

Where Can I Buy EnergyWell?

The process is pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Complete a home or business assessment with a product specialist by clicking here.

Step 2: Review the proposal and sign off on your customized EnergyWell solution.

Step 3: Schedule your EnergyWell installation at a time that suits you.

The final step involves having an EnergyWell Certified Installer complete the actual set up at your home or business. And you’re all done.

EnergyWell FAQs