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Your advantage when becoming an
EnergyWell Certified Installer:

Fast Installation           

Unlimited Design Options

Unparalleled Support

More Referrals

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Installations become much easier and faster thanks to the battery’s unique streamlined design. With minimal setup and
configuration, your clients can begin storing clean energy in a matter of minutes—not days.

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You have more design options.

Because this lightweight battery

doesn’t heat up during operation,

you can install EnergyWell on walls or

within enclosures, so it’s completely

hidden away. But its compact design

also allows you to stack multiple units

together on the floor. This versatility

applies to both indoor and outdoor

energy storage installations.

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We provide free training, knowledge support, and referrals to all of our installers. The more successful you become in the field, the more sales we generate. So it’s in our best interest to equip you with the tools and resources you need to thrive.

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Your clients will be much happier after receiving an EnergyWell storage system. And this indirectly helps to drive more referrals and business your way.

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As a professional installer of green-energy storage systems, you have access to a broad range of competing technologies. But few battery solutions offer the benefits that EnergyWell does.

EnergyWell is powerful – each unit comes with a 48-volt DC battery capable of providing up to 104 amps of continuous electricity (5kWh). This is enough charge to deliver up to 8 hours of uninterrupted power, which is double what leading AC batteries currently provide. 

EnergyWell is lightweight – this powerful storage system is designed using a proprietary and patented Flat Lithium-Ion™ process to create a battery that is lighter, thinner, and more durable than any other storage solution on the market. 

EnergyWell is safe – the battery’s unique design ensures that it will never explode or catch fire as a result of mechanical breaches. 

EnergyWell is flexible – as a completely scalable battery solution, EnergyWell is ideal both for residential power storage and for large-scale applications at the utility level. Moreover, it works seamlessly with a wide range of conventional 48-volt DC chargers and inverters. 

EnergyWell is local – this battery solution is manufactured entirely within the US. By offering American-made products to your users, you’re helping to grow the economy while attracting those who prefer supporting local businesses. 

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